Think Smaller

It's the Little Things That Make a Healthy & Happy Home

You probably learned about biomes back in grade school science, but here’s a quick refresher. Biomes are naturally occurring communities of flora and fauna occupying a habitat. Some of the major biomes on earth include tundra, forests, grasslands, and deserts. The plants and animals of each biome have common traits that help them survive in their particular biome. Each biome has many ecosystems.

microbiome is the community of microorganisms (think bacteria, fungi and viruses) that inhabit an ecosystem — like say, your home. Of course we think of our family as the primary residents of our homes, the truth is you share your space with massive amounts of microscopic life.  There’s an uncomfortable thought, right?!

Wanting to learn more, a group researchers conducted The Home Microbiome Project, following 7 families, which included 18 people, 3 dogs and 1 cat, over the course of 6 weeks. They collected lots of data and discovered some amazing truths about the influence we can have on our home microbiome.

We promise we are not trying to turn you into a massive germophobe, and we admit that if you spend too much time thinking about all these microorganisms that surround you, you may need therapy. So know this: these little guys, for the most part, are your friends. Instead of freaking out, we suggest you use this information to shift your perspective. If you’re interested you can read more about the findings in the Home Microbiome Project

You have a powerful influence on your Home Microbiome through the products you buy, the foods you eat, the chemicals you clean with, and the samples of our planet that you bring back home with you each day. Every action begins with a fleeting thought and every thought is a marker along our journey. 

Stay tuned as we are developing more content to help you make both informed but also practical choices to create a healthy and happy home.

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