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GSC13 Presentation

Results from the Home Microbiome were presented at theĀ 13th Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting in Shenzhen, China. The powerpoint slides and presentation describing the project and results are below.   Slideshare Slides: 2012 03-07 home microbiome – gsc13 china from dansmith01   Youtube Video: Videos of all the GSC13 presentations are available at

Reporters at the AAAS Conference Swab Their Cell Phones and Shoes for Science!

February 17th, 2012 – Vancouver, BC Most members of the press attending the Earth Microbiome Project’s press briefing were surprised to learn that they would not just be communicating the project’s goals and findings to their audience, but instead would be actively participating in the EMP’s goal of sequencing life wherever it is found. In […]

Studying the microbes in our homes.